Inner Child – Soul Retrieval

This session is about bringing all of the aspects of your soul, your spirit… your being into your body, and everyday expression. We will specifically focus on rekindling your connection with your inner child. Those child aspects hold endless amounts of creativity, curiosity, joy, wonder and possibility!! We will focus on retrieving and integrating numb, forgotten, disassociated or traumatized parts of you.  This is for you in you are willing and excited to move past old stories and ways of being into your fullness.

glowing etheric male in heaven

The approach is a blend of esoteric healing, shamanic soul retrieval and trauma release methods.  This “heals”, or brings wholeness, to all bodies (emotional, physical, spiritual and mental). The technique I use brings lasting integration to time-spaces that were challenging or traumatizing. Let’s bring back your prenatal, inner child, young adult or any aspect of you that needs more love and acknowledgement.

Sandra Rolus

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